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Increase performance and gas mileage

       In 7 easy steps make your car run a lot better, saving gas and increasing your vehicles performance.
Although there are many other professional steps you could take to make a more significant difference in your car's performance, these easy steps could take place at your parking garage and done by almost anyone.
1) Use a blend of synthetic and conventional oil in your engine.
This will increase the compression ration in your cylinders

2) Use the gas your car recommends. If your car recommends premium for example, use premium.

3) Use Sea Foam or other similar products following the direction on the bottle.

4) Use oil filters that have metal guarding inside

5) Change your fuel filter

6) Clean the throttle body and it's components

7 Change your spark plugs (spark plug wires if necessary)

Disclaimer: This weblog does not take any responsibility for any damages done to you car for following these suggestions. If you do not know how to operate the steps above, stop and go to a professional mechanic. 

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