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Most Reliable Used Vehicles to Buy

When you are in the market for used cars, you always ask yourselves "What is the best used car to buy?"
We've evaluated most reliable used cars and their prices and have created the list bellow to help you get a good car. However keep in mind that the condition of the car matters. Even the most reliable car can break down easily if not taken care of. Before purchasing the vehicle ask the owner to find out if they've changed the oil regularly.

Top 10 most reliable used cars. (Keep in mind these information are based on average reliability-Some years have reliability issues)

1)Honda - Civic
2)Subaru - Forester
3)Nissan - Sentra
4)Nissan - Maxima
5)Infinity - G35 - G37
6)Infinity - I35
7)Mazda - 3
8)Ford - Fusion
9)Subaru - Impreza
10)Saturn - SL

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